O&O ShutUp10 - An anti-spy tool for Windows 10

I find it weird that it’s not listed in PrivacyTools. I’ve been using it for years and it works great.

It’s an anti-spy tool for Windows 10, similar to “W10Privacy”, used to check and disable many privacy-invasive Windows settings, including system settings that can’t be changed by other means (there’s a lot of stuff not shown in Windows Settings nor anywhere else).

Here’s the EULA: O&O ShutUp10 | EULA

Remarkable characteristics and features:

  • completely freeware
  • portable executable (no installations required)
  • can export or import sets of settings
  • localized in a variety of languages
  • constantly updated to keep up with Windows 10’s changes

I’ve wanted to re-do the windows section for some time and use this 🆕 Software Suggestion | Add OOSU10 · Issue #926 · privacytools/privacytools.io · GitHub