O&O AppBuster - To remove unwanted Windows app packages easily

Since I was talking about ShutUp10, I may as well talk about this other useful tool too.

It can remove most apps, even ones that are part of the system and can’t be normally uninstalled (like Xbox Game Bar, Cortana, etc). Just take notice that some apps, like Cortana, are necessary for the correct functionality of other stuff in Windows (like the File Explorer).

Many of those apps can even be uninstalled from the machine, not just the users. Many apps packaged with Windows 10 normally linger in the machine even when uninstalled from the current or all users, in order to be reinstalled. Many of those can be removed permanently with AppBuster (not all of them, due to system limitations).

Here’s the EULA: O&O AppBuster | EULA

Remarkable characteristics and features:

  • completely freeware
  • portable executable (no installations required)
  • localized in a variety of languages
  • constantly updated to keep up with Windows 10’s changes