Nvidia Linux drivers telemetry

Any idea what is Nvidia tracking with their Linux drivers and if/how its possible to block it?

I think you can block them with nextdns

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Use noveau if you are on Linux?

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@A_user: Thanks, I’ll check it out!

@hauntsanctuary: The Noveau drivers performance is absolutely horrible. I was hoping with a graphics card that I payed whole bunch of money for, I would be able to play games and not be spied on by the corporation.

I am quite new to Linux, while with a typical Windows firewall application, I could simply identify the software and connections it tries to make and block them, what I’ve seen so far in Linux is quite user-hostile.

I’d like to explore all possibilities how to deal with this and learn the best way to block undesirable connections in Linux(Ubuntu) also for other cases.
If anyone has other tips or at least could point me to some list of Nvidia addresses to be blocked or somewhere their telemetry is explained, I’d be most grateful.

If they track what software I use with timestamps and my IP (plus corresponding performance data) that’s already way beyond what I find acceptable and I can’t imagine they would do any less than that with the current mainstream attitude towards privacy.

You didnt really specify what your use case was, so I wrongly assumed it was just a pure privacy move, hence the noveau recommendation.

If your gaming has no real need for an online component and I assume you are gaming because why else would you have Nvidia (unless you do machine learning), maybe you could make a VM and do a PCI passthrough. From outside the host machine, you could just do an allowlist/whitelist just to allow specific connections outbound from the virtual machine.

Otherwise Wireshark is your friend.