Notes on privacy and data collection of, Part 2

This contains a Personal Data Breach disclosure!


yeah…every social media app doing this so it comes to trust at this time so do you trust matrix ? if yes then alright go a head & if not try other servers like pirvacy tools or make your own one!

Personally the more I learn the less I feel able to trust and I think I often have communication problems with them if I need to reach someone as an individual (instead of wearing oper hat).

Using doesn’t work either as learned in Notes on privacy and data collection of, direct link to the TL;DR due to multiple issues including:

  • uses as an identity server by default
  • Riot desktop/Android uses by default
  • even if you disabled that, all Riots use (Scalar) as an integration server by default regardless and don’t even tell that anywhere (Riot settings has small print on identity server somewhere in settings)
    • and I didn’t even know until today what domain Scalar uses.

It’s time since I read the whole part 1, so there is more.

Quick status update on PTIO GitHub before I go to bed: