NordVPN releases NordPass

I don’t have a lot to add. NordVPN makes good looking products, but this is just another closed source password manager that will add to the list of Dashlanes, LastPass, 1Password… etc.

But I think it will make a splash in the privacy world and is worth discussing.

Bitwarden is not perfect, but I fail to see the incentive to move to NordPass, which is more expensive and closed source.

There is a recent review of Nordpass on but I haven’t seen any others and I don’t have the time or inclination to test it myself for useability.

I would never use it TBH, fuck Nord, its closed source products and their anti-transparency.

NordVPN already destroyed their reputation. I use Bitwarden and/or KeePass and I recommend that anyone else do the same. Nobody should be using anything proprietary in 2019, I would have thought we’d have learned our lesson by now. Common people!

Didn’t NordVPN just get hacked/owned recently?

Yeah they did, and they kept it a secret for quite a while.

Yea thought as much, I wouldn’t trust Nord for anything. I wouldn’t pay for any of their services or recommend them sanely to anyone I know.

Good thinking. Me neither.

With all these hacked nord accounts available on discord and cracking forums I don’t recommend this at all.