NiceVPS - Thoughts?

Question: Has anyone tried/used NiceVPS? What was your experience?

I viewed their entire “products”, Terms and privacy policy. As one who buys and sells ‘plans’ regularly, all I can can is ‘Meh’. Most hosting when compared takes away a little of this and add a little of that but all costs work out the same.
The service is via the Netherlands and no quick way to test their reliability (too lazy today). They claim to own the hardware, but don’t say where it is.
I always check on who, where, and how long have ‘they’ been in business, who owns ‘them’ and really; where are the servers and what is the real value in the end product.

Their own IP address is - hosted in the U.S. which shouldn’t matter but raised a flag for me.

The VPN and VPS are not much different than most other small to medium ‘hosts’.
Costs are a tad over the top, but companies no longer charge for value based services but instead charge what the market will bare. It’s is after all, the Trashnet.

The VPS servers are noted to be in the Netherlands, their site hosted in the US. and they will respond to any …“court order in the Commonwealth of Dominica” (West Indies) requests/complaints. Hmmmmm.

IMHO - there is no safe VPN/VPS/Hosting anywhere except those owned by government security agencies.

p.s. The lawyer that drew up the ToS needs a grammar checker.