New user on VPN and accounts on websites

Hello, i recently choose to use a VPN for some reasons. I understand the limitations of a VPN. I’m not anonymous and it’s ok, i trust my provider (recommended in the guide here).

However, i’m logging in my accounts on youtube, twitter etc. and i’m thinking there is something wrong. Now, those websites have my real ip which was not hidden in the past and the ip’s from my VPN. They can always identify me because of the ip’s logs they probably keep.

Am i right or did i miss something? So i wondered if for some websites, is it better to create a new account with a new email or a temporary email? To appeared like a new user.

Yes, you are right. Though IP is not thw only way for user identification and tracking. I.e. VPN might not protect you completely. The best option is to always use those services through Tor, if that is possible. Or not to use them at all :slight_smile: E.g. for YT, i use Freetube app, if the content I’m looking for is not available on PeerTube or Lbry network (Odysee)

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I tried to get rid of yt but i can’t :confused: But anyway, some websites don’t have equivalent and are unique and that’s the part which bothered me with the ip logs. I think i will create new accounts on those websites and never connecting with my real ip.

For websites that are personal by their very nature, such as Twitter, I don’t see the point of creating a new account. As @crossroads said your IP is not the only method of identifying users on the internet, so it doesn’t matter all that much when it comes to tracking.

If instead you want to disassociate yourself from certain websites you visit and login but that are not directly tied to your personal identity (such as this forum for instance) then you can create a new account since you will not really lose much or any content.

Another tip for you, in order to create a distinction between your browsing habits and personal accounts online you can use multiple browsers and/or Profiles dedicated to specific purposes. For example you can use Firefox for social media, and then have a dedicated profile with the recommended privacy settings found here in for reading news, etc.

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If you have devices within your network with enabled GPS (like your phone), they will associate the location with your network. You can probably enable network isolation on your WiFi to remedy this. Check all devices in your network, particularly if you own IoTs.

You may need something like a pfSense router to segment your network and get all untrusted traffic to go isolated mode (over WiFi) and all trusted devices to go through the VPN.

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Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes i have a lot IoTs (xiaomi bulbs and even google home, i know it’s bad i have the worst products in terms of privacy). I didn’t know pfSense router. Thanks for the suggestion i will have a look