NEW: Fight for the Future launches interactive facial recognition map as part of fight against facial recognition

Should they run this in China, they will run out of disk space real soon.


The map includes known locations where:

  • Scans of driver’s license photos and mug shots by law enforcement are reported to be taking place
  • Facial recognition has begun to invade stores, stadiums, and airports
  • Amazon Ring has formed surveillance partnerships with local police (first time this list has been published)
  • Pioneering city bans on facial recognition have been or may soon be passed
  • Statewide moratoriums on facial recognition are being considered
  • Surveillance ordinances that govern procurement processes have been passed
  • US senators and representatives have formally issued oversight letters expressing concern over unethical uses of surveillance technology

+1 this too:

Last month, Axon, one of the largest suppliers of police body cameras in America, announced it would not equip its products with facial recognition, saying it could not “ethically justify” doing so. Prior to the company’s decision, several studies uncovered extensive inaccuracies in the technology and embedded biases against women and people of color.