New Canvasblocker update — Should i be concerned?

So from some days i got notification about new update for canvasblocker and it want gain new premissions so should i be worried or it just new feature which i did not hear about -yet- ?


Hmm so looking at the code on GitHub, specifically the changelog listed for latest version under the “releases” section, I see this new change:

added notice for privacy.resistFingerprinting

I can also see under the file, manifest.json, that this new permission, “privacy,” was added to the permissions which is what’s causing the dialog to appear for you.

So looks like from the new code (in green highlight) CB uses this new permission to read the value of privacy.resistFingerprinting (from the about:config) and show a message to users.

And the message it will display:

You have privacy.resistFingerprinting enabled. This slightly changes the behaviour of CanvasBlocker. See further information here and here.