New article shows why one of the "Questions to Ask All Privacy Services" is critical

Here’s more evidence that supports the importance of the “Questions to Ask All Privacy Services” project.

A February 3 article by Karl Bode at Vice has this subtitle/summary:

Corporations love to pretend that ‘anonymization’ of the data they collect protects consumers. Studies keep showing that’s not really true.

tl;dr - When an online company or organization tells you that it only shares or provides “fuzzed” or “anonymized” data, think twice. There are proven ways that organizations can associate these data sets with other data sets to unmask users.

This could have serious implications for privacy services. Yet one more reason to ask all privacy services the following question:

Do you share data – even “fuzzed” or “anonymized” data – with any of the owners/shareholders or any other company or organization server?

This is one of the questions I’ve recommended to ask ALL privacy services. See the questions and project here.

I know of at least one privacy organization that shares fuzzed/anonymized user data with at least one 3rd-party processor. While that privacy organization has a great privacy policy, the 3rd-party organization has a policy most of us would find problematic.


I’m leery about trusting any company that insists I store that data on their server, rather than my own computer, and sync up to the web.

What such companies that collect massive amount of data are doing, are taking advantage of the fact that most people don’t even know how data is structured.

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