Netlify, cdn, dns & privacy

I noticed that privacytools used Netlify for hosting and decided that after redesign I would switch to Netlify from github pages(Mainly enraged by youtube-dl). In creation of an account my Protonmail address was refused, then I got signed up using custom domain email and pushed my website. Though I am using Netlify as my host and nameserver now, I noticed that images are being served by a Cloudfront cdn, It is a compulsory by-product of pretty url asset optimisation.

My doubt is that how my current setup may compromise my Visitor’s privacy when I run a plain HTML website which rarely uses any images? How does PTIO workaround such things? Also after using their name server my current [awful] dns registrar can lead to compromise of visitor privacy (I will switch to some other but I am currently unable to pay in USD or any other international currency, crypto is in a legal gray area for my country) ?