Nasted Onion Routing?

Hello everyone.

At first, sorry for my bad English.

I was thinking about using something I called “Nasted Onion Routing” and I want to ask is it worth?

Here is the illustration:

This example means usage of TOR browser, and for example RPi Onion Router (through cable) between PC and home router, and I am curious whether that way is the “safer” way for using TOR, and does it make sense.

BTW, dont blame me cuz I am noob in networking.

EDIT: Together this would have 6 hops to the destination instead of 3 hops (3 hops added between entry node of TOR browser route and PC).

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I’m not sure - I thought that that’s the way onion routing worked normally (nested onion routing). If you have a problem with Tor configuration, you can use pluggable transports (bridges).