MySudo thoughts

I have heard positive things about MySudo but have 2 concerns:

  1. How do we know there’s no backdoor, considering it’s closed-source?
  2. Even if MySudo does not know its users, can’t a government (eg) go to Apple or Google and request to know the identity behind an account? Or is there some way to pay anonymously for the service (which seems hard to believe given how much Google/Apple knows about their users)?
  1. They can pass an independent 3rd party audit. Otherwise you can’t know if there is one at all.
  2. I’ve heard on a podcast that they offer an .apk file for Lineage OS and the like. I havent really tried because they dont offer services outside US (and UK I think).
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Also available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

I guess the question, not only for MySudo, is that if an app is downloaded from apple/google, does the capability exist for them to match the data?

Eg let’s say there are 1000 paid users of MySudo through the apple store. MySudo (and all app developers) by default get no information from Apple, but would be paid for those 1000 users. So if someone went to MySudo and asked for the identity of the person using phone number 000-000-0000, they could not provide it. Similarly, if one went to Apple and asked the same question, they might know who the 1000 paid users are, but not be able to identify who the person associated with that number was as well?