My List of Extensions That I've Used or Currently Use

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there’s a thread here if you want to post your list there too

couple comments on your list - and this is just opinion - i’m not an expert…

  • NoScript - i suggest not using NS - the developer pulled some really unethical shit in the past + it uses Content Security Policy to modify headers which is a huge problem due to a long standing FF bug (long story, see here) and given you use uBO and uM, i personally see no point - always best to block JS globally, then allow per-domain as needed
  • HTTPS Everywhere - some here prefer this, but i personally prefer HTTPZ - it’s small, efficient (doesn’t suck 20+ mB RAM) and doesn’t rely on human created lists - it’s really personal preference and there are disadvantages to both, but you might want to check it out - the dev is a great guy too
  • Cookie AutoDelete - none of the storage cleaners except for Site Bleacher address indexedDB storage (a shortcoming in the WebExt API) automatically and on a per-domain basis
  • Privacy Badger/Privacy Possum - not needed with uM and uBO with the right filter lists - see the bottom of this page on the ghacks wiki also

with add-ons, less is best

i’d also suggest looking at the ghacks user.js if you’re not already using it

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Good idea. I’ve just created a list for extensions recommended by

Unless the Tor Project deems NoScript unfit to use, then I’m going to continue using it, I don’t recommend installing Privacy Badger with uBlock Origin, since its redundant. I rather prefer the HTTPS everywhere as I generally like the EFF. I also don’t like, and prefer using Krathalan’s prefs.js file.

indeed there are several other excellent user.js projects, some of which are based on the ghacks project - i recommend the ghacks one because i’ve been involved in it for years and during that time i’ve come to realize that there are several very talented people involved in it, including one or more Mozilla insiders … that said, i am not overly familiar with any of the other projects


Great list, @craigevil