My Debian Connects To 4 Of Data Ceneters At Startup :3

So i was play with wireshark on debian 9 (last update) & found that my debian connects to 4 of data centers right after startup (like keep connect, not one time at least 2-3 times) so yeah but i not able to know what app uses them so if anyone here could help me

Data Centers:

  • Hetzner Online GmbH
  • Canonical Group Limited
  • OVH Hosting

The traffic is usually usage statistics. It isn’t uncommon with Canonical, since they used to include Amazon search results in Ubuntu. Amazon collected that information on what was searched. Otherwise applications usually will make some network requests, some do just not all of them. Just make sure the application isn’t acting malicious in anyway. Such as, sending information to a C&C server, or uploading your documents to a random domain.

Linux relies on external servers for several services (similar to Windows). Two of these services are apt and ntp (for updating packages, and synchronizing time). Both tools work with pools, meaning that there is not only one single server used by them, but a set of different servers.

So maybe your initial connections are just retrieving information about updates, and synchronizing your system’s time. Look at your pcap file. There is more information about protocols and communication included.

yeah…my pc have non free apps like steam & spotify :3 thats why im asking