Multiple android profiles to isolate social media and prevent data collection?

I would like to prevent Facebook owned apps from collecting app data usage from my other apps that share data with them (shopping apps, dating apps etc.) and according to this article from android it is possible to create a separate profile for social media, shopping, etc. and prevent them from sharing data among themselves (mostly to FB). So we could move all FB apps to single profile and compleatly prevent them from collecting data from our apps and visited sites that share data with FB.

Is this true?

From what I’ve seen some manufacturers have to enable this option on their Android versions, and if they decide to not include it, you would need to root your phone in order to activate it. From some YT videos it looks some phones come with this feature easily accessible on settings, but which brands and phones have it I don’t know. It is available after Android 5.1.

well, what about *use free alts like frost for fb ? or use webpages. because at least even if you hided your apps you can not hide your camera/mic or even *your location (they can draw your location from wifi map) so it’s really bad and yes its true FB sucks (and google) and both collecting as much as they can from data actually all major companies collect as much as they can from data to use it later

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@jonah Would this work to prevent apps from sharing the data they collect with social media?

Uh, in theory the Facebook apps on one profile would not be able to access the data of apps on another profile, yes.