Multi-Account Containers vs firefox profiles

I reinstalling firefox and i was just wondering what is more privacy friendly use firefox profiles about:profiles for websites like one for streaming (have netflix, spotify & invidious) and other one for work (github & gitlab) or use Multi-Account Containers addon (for same profiles)

I’m using multi-account containers together with temporary containers, which I’m happy with. I have it set so when I’m open a new tab or go to another domain in the same tab, it will make a new temporary container.

well, i was just asking which way will make me achieve more privacy ?

the containers is isolated from each other and don’t share cookies and stuff like that, but I guess also increase your fingerprint. I don’t know how profiles works tho, but they shouldn’t increase the fingerprint right? “more private” is pretty individual

Unless someone comes in to prove me, wrong, profiles are the baked-in way to isolation. So yes, having the containers add-on can potentially increase your fingerprint. However to minimize fingerprinting you can disable JavaScript wherever possible.

Tor Browser has built-in capabilities to thwart fingerprinting. One of the most noticeable details is your exit node changing for every tab you have open. Another is the disable of JavaScript in the highest security setting.