Mullvad VPN there is no more free trial?

What about Mullvad VPN? I can not connect to a free trial account, but is someone else having the same problem?

They probably have shut it down because many people were abusing it. if you need private browsing i advise tor, which is also free. (im assuming your trying to get a free trail account)

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Another alternative is Proton VPN. There’s a free tier (obviously with limitations), but it comes with a reasonable assumption that Proton Mail being Proton Mail, they won’t abuse your data just because you’re a free customer.

They no longer offer 3-hour trials.
Go to
mullvad DOT net/en/account/create/
Read point #2

  1. Pay only €5 per month
    It’s only €5 per month for peace-of-mind privacy.

Now go to its 2019 January archived version using web.archive DOT org

The same point used to be

  1. Pay only €5 per month
    Once you’ve got an account number, we give you three hours to try Mullvad for free. After that, it’s only €5 per month for peace-of-mind privacy.

This is a deliberate choice.