Mullvad VPN alternative

ik but i can’t type credit card right (auto correct, lol) so i just say visa also if you noticed my second comment i said credit card instead so yeah

Is it better to use OpenVPN over the dedicated Mullvad client?

If you aim for more privacy it would be better and use f-droid version of openvpn

How about speed, does it help too?

It could be fast a little or it might not but it won’t be slower

Have you verified it actually working with anon / pre-paid card(s)?
Oftentimes I find that debit card / which = prepaid cards as well for the main part.
Don’t work on allot of services, these services want a credit card instead.

If it did work for you please tell us what card / prepaid whatever you used.

And yes I was aware you did not mean to say passport : p.

Tor is this website’s favorite for browsing AFAIK. For Netflix a VPS would be your best bet, though it may not be allowed by the ToS.

NordVPN has resolved the issues and there has been an audition by a security company both before and after the incident.
NO user has been affected by the incident, but it was a server.
It was also other VPN’s that were affected.
Here are some links where you can read more about this
What is the truth about the NordVPN data breach
Why NordVPN is safe after the breach

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There are two more links that are important in this issue
NordVPN Bug Bounty Launch
NordVPN and other VPN providers were breached