Mullvad VPN alternative

So, I’m tempted to subscribe to Mullvad due to it being the website’s favorite for safety browsing, but after a brief search, I found out you can’t connect to netflix using it, so I’m looking for safe alternatives. I found this reddit thread suggesting these 2 VPN services: and I want to know which one you guys suggest or if there’s another good one for a cheap price.

You can try ProtonVPN (Plus) or IVPN, but I don’t know if they work on Netflix.


Cryptostorm and AirVPN are decent ones.
I wouldn’t go for any service which does not have wireguard support btw.
i.m.o. this offers way faster server switches and slightly faster speeds.
Cryptostorm doesn’t really make it easy to use their service especially if not that technical so you know.
IVPN I haven’t done too much research into however it seems alright, their security and privacy guides are actually pretty decent.
Do keep in mind that IVPN is the most expensive VPN I have ever seen.
To me even if all that they claim is true I find the ask way past what I would pay for a VPN.
Btw. Mullvad also has IP addresses which do work for netflix it’s just a hit and miss thing.

I’ve read a little bit about cryptostorm and while the services looks pretty good, it seems the speeds are not that great, do you have experience with it, can you say anything about it?

send you a pm.

If you don’t mind, can you tell us about your use case?

Keep in mind that a VPN provider doesn’t add any security in most cases, but only changes your IP address from the server’s perspective.

A vote for protonvpn

I agree with @net-zero-day in that ProtonVPN and IVPN are the best Mullvad alternatives, though there’s a large chance that you don’t need any VPN at all; VPNs do little to protect your privacy or enhance your security, and they require you to trust a VPN provider. There are certain cases where VPNs can be useful, though. Read PrivacyTool’s writeup on VPNs and their associated dangers if you want to learn more about whether or not a VPN might be useful to you.

IVPN works on netflix for some servers