Mullvad is wise to avoid the Startpage and Wire ownership change missteps

Mullvad ownership isn’t changing much, but the company has put out a post about its seemingly minor corporate shuffling that will take place in March 2020. Here’s the short statement at its website:

As you may know (and we’re impressed if you do), the company that operates Mullvad VPN is Amagicom AB. That’s changing.

Amagicom is dividing its operations among a number of subsidiaries. As a result, everything surrounding Mullvad VPN is getting shuffled into a newly created daughter company aptly called Mullvad VPN AB.

This means that we’ve updated our Terms of Service to reflect this change (No terms have changed except the change of company operating Mullvad VPN).

Changes will be effective 1st of March 2020.

Mullvad is a PTIO recommended VPN, but I have never investigated the company and its ownership, personally.

I believe the controversy surrounding the Startpage and Wire ownership changes (and PTIO’s announced intent to ask ownership questions) will prompt better voluntary disclosures by privacy companies. Kudos to all!


Does this basically mean that they have modified the name of the company or what?

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No, they have started a new company to handle Mullvad. Amagicom AB will be the parent company.

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Do we know much about Amagicom AB @danarel? Any new owners or VC funding that might have prompted a change?

I don’t. As far as I knew, Mullvad was their only product so I don’t know what spurred the change. The blog says dividing its operations which leads me to believe they have other ventures, I am just not familiar with what they are.

So it just name change ?
Also i not give a damn about who own what if the app is open source and respect our privacy so yeah — if mulled changed as wire or startpage but apps still open source well, why i be worried ?


I’ve emailed Mullvad/Amagicom AB for more details @danarel @esmailelbob. I’ll keep you posted.

On initial look, the service seems impressive and quite privacy focused. Amagicom AB (Sweden) seems to have just two direct owners, Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson. Mullvad does have a few partners and resellers – most recently Mozilla, which is using Mullvad for its own VPN service.


Well, that gives me the green light to use them and yeah sure i will wait your updates also thx for your work :slight_smile:

Mullvad as a VPN is amazing. One of the best I have used. When they integrated with Wireguard it made it even better.

I will be interested to see what the change in companies means, but hopefully it doesn’t change the core values of the product.


I’m really happy with mullvad as a service

Update 2020-02-03: Amagicom is 100% owned by founders Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson. Mullvad is 100% owned by Amagicom. Amagicom will have other subsidiaries separated from Mullvad. Main reason for doing a split is separation of businesses.


I’ve been using mullvad for awhile now, I hope this change doesn’t change there business model in anyway.

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I’ve followed up with another email asking about the subsidiaries /other businesses. They were very nice to respond to me via email, too.

I didn’t do any in-depth review so don’t rely on me. But it seems the PTIO Team does more in-depth analysis of VPNs than other areas, which is a good sign.

well, if everything is same as before i not see reason to worry!

Could you post the direct replies? Have you asked them to answer the Question to ask to all etc? We should invent an acronym for them, or some way to make it shorter, referencing is too long.

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Hi @a553d43c-f7fa-483a-8 Sorry I didn’t answer right away. I forgot.

Here is the thread of email messages:

On 2020-01-31, Liz McIntyre wrote: >> >>> Hello, Amagicom/Mullvad, >>> Good to see advance notice of your division of operations among subsidiaries. This is refreshing. >>> Why you are dividing operations among subsidiaries? Do you have or plan to have any new owners or investors, besides Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson directly or through any other entity? If so, please detail. >>> Thank you! >>> Liz McIntyre >>> Consumer privacy expert >>> Co-author of the bestseller Spychips >>> >>> Twitter, Wire & reddit: @LizMcIntyre >>> >>> Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

On Monday, February 3, 2020, richard <> wrote: > >> Hello >> >> We have added an update to the blogpost that hopefully clarifies things >> more. >> >> Currently there are no plans for new owners or investors. >> >> Best regards, >> Richard >> >>

On 2020-02-04, Liz McIntyre wrote: > Thanks for the update, Richard. > > The blog update says: “Amagicom will have other subsidiaries separated from Mullvad. Main reason for doing a split is separation of businesses.” > > What other businesses/subsidiaries will Amagicom have that need to be separated from Mullvad? Will they be privacy businesses/subsidiaries? > > Liz McIntyre > Consumer privacy expert > Co-author of the bestseller Spychips > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > Twitter, Wire & reddit: @LizMcIntyre > > Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

final response from Richard at Mullvad:

Hello, One owner has a lot of side projects that involve transparency and privacy, but also other projects like fpga development, however they are in early stages and mainly ideas, some may never materialize The other owner, is running a school, so not really related to privacy. As you can see there is a wide range, so therefore a separation is needed. Best regards, Richard > > ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ >

I really like these guys. I can’t vouch for them personally, but I love their openness and responsiveness!

EDIT: I am waiting for those questions to be formally adopted. I would recommend sending out the questions to ALL listed services (and those in possible delisting and relisting status) at the same time. Hopefully soon.


Don’t worry, it’s alright!

It’s really good to see they are doing thins right, still it would have been better if they would have clarified things a bit more when doing their blog post.

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