Mozilla will reportedly launch a paid version of Firefox this fall

Mozilla’s reportedly set to launch a premium version of its revered Firefox browser this fall. In an interview with German media outlet T3N, the company’s CEO, Chris Beard, said that it’s aiming to launch the new version by October, with features like a VPN and secure cloud storage.

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new mozilla office be like

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The browser will not have a paid version. Just paid services like vpn and secure online storage.

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IMO it’s a good thing that they are looking to diversify revenue beyond Google. As long as their over-arching approach remains user-centric (in the literal sense, not corporate newspeak), I am willing to tolerate occasional missteps.


This seems a potentially good step if they do it well. It’s similar to what purism is doing. Probably better for the average person to use a Mozilla VPN than pick some dumpy VPN at random based on Play Store popularity or ‘my friend said’. I wonder if they’ll tolerate torrenting or if you’ll be able to use Netflix over it. I’d pay $3/month for the latter.

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as critical as i am of Moz corporate, i agree with wafiech - this could be the first smart move they’ve made in years

i wonder what Chrome’s new VPN service will be like? prolly route traffic through Langley

…from a financial perspective i mean … mostly

I wonder if they’ll ofer cloud service and what would it be? If it’s Nextcloud, I will probably go for it

I guess it’s time for me to switch back to Google Chrome.