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Hello guys, i always follow all your precious suggestions for maximize my privacy on the internet.
So after i started reading your blog i installed and i started using firefox , but yesterday i saw this article:

After reading this, i really want to stop using all mozilla services, so i need to ask you is brave a good alternative to firefox? if not what browser i can use ? thanks.

Why would you be against using Firefox for that blog post? I feel like it’s saying awesome things…

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I was not happy to see Mozilla, a company known for their championing of freedom, privacy and human rights, to ask for an increase in deplatforming individuals they disagree with and to engage in cancel opinions. Can’t they just develop an open source software and stay out of politics? I may not agree with what someone has to say but I believe they have a right to say it. Apparently mozilla does not.

Please re-read the article. The title should have been probably better worded. But what mozilla is actually saying is that the world needs a better solution than de-platforming.

Also, there isnt any other good alternatives out there.

my first language is not english so i can be wrong but the arcticle says :" Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platform". and "Additional precise and specific actions must also be taken: "

that “also” for me mean that , yes they want to silence people.

opera or brave aren’t a good alternative?
thanks for reply.

Don’t know if you read the whole article, but to me they are actually in a subtle and gentle way trying to say pretty much the opposite. By “more than deplatforming” they don’t mean deplatforming and public hanging, they mean that deplatforming is not really THE answer.

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Leaving the contents of that article aside, I recently commented on this thread about Firefox alternatives which I think you might find interesting (albeit brief).

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That’s how I understood it also. Though I don’t know why are they talking about this. Their job is to make (better) web browser, that everyone can (and want to) use, not to make content or social network or something.

But the biggest problem seems to be that it is written in such way that people are not sure what they wanted to say and what they plan to do :smiley:

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Hii there :smiley:

Well if you are interested in trying new browsers, then here are some to try:

LibreWolf (I think this is linux-only)

Ungoogled Chromium

Enjoy youre web browsing experience :slight_smile:

One thing I do like to do is running Wireshark or tcpdump after configuring the browser to check and make sure its not making unsolicited connections. What kinds of web browsers do that ? Gee I wonder…(>.>)

Oh and if you can’t just ditch FF for some reason then you may consider using an older version: v58 or v62 or something like that as older versions generally spy on you less (yes they get worse by the year)

Also if the article says what I think it does; everyone’s own opinions are probably the best ones :slight_smile: there is no need to let the world tell you who you are or who you ought to be in life.

I live outside of America :slight_smile:

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Thank you, i’ill try ungoogled chromium, but for now i think i ill keep firefox too, even if i don’t like what they said in that article the other guys made me realize that firefox is still the best for privacy so i’ill continue using it hoping they i’ill never apply what the said in their blog.


there are options whatev you decide.

but ya - maybe one day in a few yrs from now … it could be good to know about these.

Here are a few you can look into if you would like:

IceCat - GNU ethical firefox
ungoogled-chromium - text based browser

besides these it’s basically Firefox and Tor

I don’t think using outdated software is a good idea, especially in something like a browser which you use everyday for so many things. Using software with unpatched vulnerabilities exposes you to more than just privacy threats.

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Maby she’s talking about ESR?

Even Firefox ESR versions are eventually left without updates, so I insist that using older software for the sake of privacy is potentially dangerous and counterproductive. I don’t use FF ESR myself so I don’t know if v58 or v62 are currently receiving any updates, but please double check this before downloading them.

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