Mozilla Add-on Certificate Error Disables Noscript and HTTPSEverywhere on Tor Browsers

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yeah it’s bad ik… but i believe in mozilla

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Until this can be fixed properly, here is a temporary workaround for Tor Browser:

Open about:config
Toggle the value of xpinstall.signatures.required so it becomes false.
Restart the browser.

Probably worth a public service announcement to get everyone to undo this temporary fix once Mozilla’s filters through.

I will consider it soon.

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Official Mozilla workaround: Enable studies and wait for six hours to get the hotfix as a study.

Unofficial solution: install via gpm @ hackernews via Samuel Vuorela on the Mozilla blog comments.

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Of course, its great that we can be patient about this here. Otherwise its like the chimpanzees have been let out at other domains. Not to mention, civil.

An option to accelerate the implementation of the studies hotfix:

yeah… but debian have firefox ESR so “studies” disabled & you can not enable it in anyway so i will take the unofficial way