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i think we need some review about which mobile (hardware/software) is better from security prespective

i will take android as example here android issue that manfucture stop release fireware update after while and even drop software upgrade (os upgrade ) in short term which lead to issue of left the mobile to many security issue

i know custom rom like lineage can help to extend the software upgrade (of course if the mobile is already supported) but we left the hardware firmware issue
there also some company offer phone with linux based os not based on android (i know android is linux also)

like and others

so i think it would be better to have section in the privacytool related to mobile as there many vendor and many custom rom

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System76 is doing a good job!

thaanks for the info but that’s not for mobile or am i missing something

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i mean if you are going to add hardware page, at least add computer hardware with it? you posted the mobile ones and i posted the computer ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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got it know thanks for explaining that’s nice idea also
by the way has laptop and mini and server and key also

thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Why do you sound like a shill for purism? Have they even sent out their phone backers their “evergreen” device yet back in 2018? They feel outright scammy in their dealings and I’d hate for their devices to be the premier linux phone. No one wants to talk about them any more. The top search hits for purism is found to link into their own forums and not much else.

At this point in time, I am favoring Pinephone as the proper Linux smartphone just on the basis of how honest they are in dealing with their customers and backers and managing expectations.

Right now, Fairphone is, in my humble opinion, probably the current proper open working mobile platform for the connoisseur - if only it was more available in areas. It still isnt perfect by any means - it doesnt even feature a device kill switch - but ethics-wise, repairability-wise and open-wise it is up there with Pinephone.

Also, if we are talking about phone security - just phone security, as if it were in the vacuum of space - Apple and their iOS is king. That device is locked down tight and hard. They update even their old devices - my partner’s iPad Mini 2 works like a charm today and it receives security updates to this day even though it was released back in 2013. Google is also locked down hard but they drop support after 3 years or so, leaving your device unprotected.

they pay me 1 million dollar to promote them here but they told me to be careful of of a member called hauntsanctuary they told me that he will got me i told them do not worry i will keep hiding but looks like they was right and you caught me

i was giving example nothing else and i am not expert with security or privacy that why i join here to learn but looks like people like to accuse first

why you sound like they pay you 1 billion dollar to promote them

for apple they do good but not as good as you thing what about they did with the siri data that went to a server on irland that even include very private conversation

any way have a nice day :slight_smile:

Well I am very much upset about that company giving Linux phone a putrid foul reputation before it even had a chance for success. So yes, forgive me if I would like to be paid by Pinephone to promote them rather than the alternative.

I did not know that!