Mobile Hotspot with VPN

I am using VPN in my PC, when I enable mobile hotspot to share Wifi to my mobile phone, the phone still reveal the true IP rather than the VPN IP address. Why would happen like this, I think it should be :

  1. Mobile Phone connect to the PC via Mobile Spot
  2. Pc is connecting a VPN server (e.g Sweden)
  3. Therefore my phone is connecting to the Internet via a Sweden VPN server
    Please help me, is that I misunderstand something, and also how to solve it ? (As you know, VPN service always have a quota that can only connect 5 devices, therefore I need hotspot to share the VPN connection with my phone)

I think the phone is connected to a layer under your VPN connection. There should be a way to loopback the connection to the VPN connection on your PC (but like you, this is beyond me).

The only suggestion I can give you is to get a pfSense router in front of your PC connection and set the router to pass all connections via the VPN only. This way, any connections to your PC also gets routed.

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Someone said that VPN is not available on mobile hotspot, therefore it bypass the VPN and directly connect to the Internet through the PC Wifi. It is unlikely to happen because VPN have kill-switch and automatically block any non-VPN connection ~