Mobile email Client

So before I begin, I acknowledge that it is frowned upon in this community to use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc for email. However, as a hypothetical question- Would using Lineage OS’s email app (based on AOSP email app) be generally more private than using the current Gmail app for multiple accounts? The reason I’m asking is that if multiple emails from different services are being consolidated in the Gmail app, it seems Google would be able to “scan” them all.
P.S. On this note, would it also be safer to use LineageOS Contacts app instead of G Contacts? Many of Lineage’s apps are on apkmirror…

see for a decent email service, or better yet, Runbox - you cannot have any expectation of privacy with a “free” email provider which makes YOU the product

possibly/probably not, but this goes deeper than mobile apps and OSs - lookup info about the “baseband” - it’s a completely separate OS that runs on every device with access to the cellular networks and it is proprietary and apparently full of security holes … and it has the lowest level of access to hardware (think camera, mic, cell radio, etc.)

besides that, LineageOS never struck me as particularly privacy centric

if you dump ALL gaagle apps, user and system, you’ll be in a better position privacy wise - you can substitute them with apps on F-Droid - however there is still the baseband and, for whatever reason, a lot of otherwise knowledgeable people hesitate to discuss the biggest, fattest security issue facing anything with a cell connection

all that said, yes, you might be better off with Lineage than other ROMs because it’s not a stale project, at least not for newish phones

as far as all mobile apps, i’d suggest to replace them with F-Droid apps - you certainly do not want anything from gaagle running on your phone if you’re concerned about privacy - and by the way, many, if not all, of the gaagle apps, including the dialer, etc., are now proprietary afaik - gaagle f’d the FOSS community by luring them in to produce Android, then turned around and made many/all of the vital apps proprietary

Thanks.I personally use secure, paid email providers and many Foss apps from F-droid. I also agree with pretty much everything you said! The thing is, I have a friend that is just starting to get more privacy conscientious that uses several different email services such as Outlook, Yahoo, and one other that I’m not sure of. He currently has them all inside the Gmail app on Android but I suggested removing them and using another, more privacy friendly client (I know, he needs to abandon them entirely but baby steps…plus, I think his work requires one) K9 was a no-go because he hated the UI so I came across the Lineage option and suggested it. There really is a lack of privacy friendly email clients and the AOSP apps seem to be nowhere that I can find.

Might give fair mail a try it is on fdroid using Izzy’s repo

fairemail - the one and only android email app imho, made by an excellent dev, which also is behind netguard

K9 used to be the one and only. With fairmail there is an interesting alternative on f-droid now. Time will tell if one of the two ends up being the preferred client on free and privacy respecting installations.

i use SimpleEmail - it’s a fork of FairEmail, free and GPL’d … or at least i think that’s what i use - my phone is off (as usual) and i’m too lazy to turn it on

just fyi the latest version from that fork is from december and latest commit from may, and the dev of fairemail is really active and sometimes push more than one update per day. fairemail have more commits just from the last week than that fork has in the last 6 or 7 months

AND also if there is any problems or bugs, he’s really active on his xda threads and respond very quickly both there and on mail.

I use K-9 Mail because I prefer the UI. I like the organization better and it’s generally better looking to me. I downloaded FairEmail to give it another chance since it’s frequently updated, but I’m still not loving it so far so I may stick with K-9.