Metadata removal: Scrambled Exif

A FOSS android app, availaible through f-droid, simple to use. Should it be added?


yeah its great tool and if you want something like it on linux, install exiftool

I recommend on *nix based systems mat2

We once tested this app, however, after removing metadata using this app, there was still Exif metadata contained in the file. We don’t know the current status though.

On many systems, there is also Imagemagick installed. You can remove metadata (not only Exif metadata) by running mogrify -strip [filename]. The mogrify command is part of Imagemagick.

To see remaining Exif metadata, you can enter identify -format '%[EXIF:*]' [filename]. Only entering identify -verbose [filename] shows everything about a picture. The identify command is also part of Imagemagick.


Not working for me

% identify -format '%[EXIF:*]' Screen\ Shot\ 2017-10-04\ at\ 20.00.27.png
% identify -verbose Screen\ Shot\ 2017-10-04\ at\ 20.00.27.png | wc -l   

the first command doesn’t show meta info. Only the second.

So that means it will not be considered for inclusion?

It means that somebody should test if this app actually removes all Exif metadata before deciding this.

I wish someone would port aaphoto to android. I believe it works very well on gnu/Linux, with resize and quality options as well as exif data removal.

Ok I did test it and the results are kinda good tbh. This is what is left:
ExifTool Version Number : 11.10
File Name : img_eggsif_4170662004054104004.jpg
Directory : .
File Size : 1406 kB
File Modification Date/Time : 2019:12:12 13:39:53+01:00
File Access Date/Time : 2019:12:12 13:53:46+01:00
File Inode Change Date/Time : 2019:12:12 13:53:49+01:00
File Permissions : rwxr-----
File Type : JPEG
File Type Extension : jpg
MIME Type : image/jpeg
Exif Byte Order : Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
Orientation : Unknown (0)
JFIF Version : 1.01
Resolution Unit : None
X Resolution : 1
Y Resolution : 1
Image Width : 3264
Image Height : 2448
Encoding Process : Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample : 8
Color Components : 3
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
Image Size : 3264x2448
Megapixels : 8.0

I used exiftool from the command line package libimage-exiftool-perl