Messenger app (not for private messages)


Is there any messenger app for android (which has voice call and text messaging feature) which does not collect meta-data from my phone. I don’t care about my messages privacy. But for me it is important that te app should not take my metadata (phone-id, installed-app list, telemetry, statistics…).

Thank you

Well you should. Not collecting extensive metadata is one of the characteristics of a good privacy app. In that case Signal should work fine for you.

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I’m surprised that if you care about metadata, you wouldn’t care about the privacy of your messages! Personally, I use Signal and Briar, and while nothing is “impenetrable,” as @XTHPusi64Q said, Signal should work fine for you.

Up until recently, the difficulty with Briar was that you had to meet up in person with the other person you were going to talk with to verify their identity. I believe that they just changed that with the newest release.

BTW, welcome to the community!

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Yes, I second the motion! Welcome to the community!! Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

so you not afraid about your privacy but you afraid about your metadata, weird & anyway as @XTHPusi64Q & @virticalizes mentioned, signal is good (its encrypt metadata & your messages too!) so yeah

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First off all thank you for your ineterests.

  • I tried It is too buggy.
  • Signal and Wire is not on f-droid repository. I follow f-droid community since a long time. I trust them. Why a secure and open source software not adds the apk to f-droid. Even f-droid community would help them.
  • Signal also have on their build gradle. You can check it from source code on github.
  • Briar is good. But it does not have a desktop app or a web app + it does not have voice call (which are must for a daily use). @virticalizes

Riot re-writes the android client. There is a community which forks their client without permissions. But the re-write of client app will take time.

@XTHPusi64Q “extensive metadata” ? signal have firebase… Firebase collects very very extensive data from me :slight_smile:

I’m starting to recommend Signal in my articles instead of PGP, especially after the revelations about it being compromised. So many of the sites that I write about seem to require PGP…it’s concerning.

Can’t you download Signal from its main site, if you don’t want to use Google Play or something like that? Is Firebase required to download Signal now?

signal had firebase in old version 4.33.5, a one time wtf-oops thing and yes, hard to overlook or dismiss in any regard (especially with who endorses them, front page security/privacy/encryption genius names) but it does happen occasionally, esp reference apps from play store. but this is not why it is not offered in f-droid, if i understand correctly it is due to reproducible build issues.

also, please do see this great service, provided by Exodus Privacy (also app in f-droid, get it, run it, profit!

they show latest version tested as 4.43.8 that’s a few releases away from 4.33.5.

Signal has metadata concerns, and is tied to your phone number, so if anonymity is desired/required then it may be better to look elsewhere. Wire also has metadata concerns but is tied to your reg email, again, iirc so don’t use identifying email. I haven’t used briar (don’t really have cell phone for years until few months back, even now it is sim-less and I test and play with it over wireguard)

not sure if Tox is available on phone, but I have used the qTox fork from linux desktop and it worked great for me and remotes for chat and voice, including group. I also have no knowledge whether Tox/qTox has data/metadata issues but I assume it does and treat it as I do other comms tools I use (like desktop) which is to say not enough trust to share my best in the universe chocolate cookie recipe on :wink:

how about “secret conversation” option?
I had searched and found some results on apknite with End-to-end encryption: Signal, Wickr Me, Dust, WhatsApp, Telegram

No need for secret conversation if E2E encryption if always used and it is implemendet in rigth way. So Wire, Signal, Keybase, Wickr Me (though it’s not FOSS)… should be good.

Wire is not on F-Droid, but it can be installed and used withouth Google Play services. But in that case it battery usage might increase

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Finding the “right” or “best” instant messenger is mostly about opinions, personal priorities and a matter of taste. The EFF tried to find the most secure messenger but they failed, because there are so many different priorities for people that you can’t simply declare one to be the best (see also

Nearly every service has to process metadata to a certain extent. So, you may want to find an app that doesn’t process and/or produce much metadata.

Tox apps have been disappointing, they are inconsistant, buggy and leave data in public file storage on mobiles. Briar is looking very good even though it has fewer bells and whistles than something like Wire.