Security Audit

I have been using MegaSync ( for a couple years to try to migrate away from Google Drive.

I like the service they low cost (around $6 per month for 200 GB).

I have read some conflicting articles online about their encryption.

Can anyone refer me to some articles or independent security audit data so I can get more educated?

Their clients apps and browsers extensions are open-source. I don’t know about security audit. If you use cryptomator or veracrypt with MEGA then it’s a very solid service. Their Linux app is pretty good and user friendly.

Mega is awesome for Porn sharing. I would not host my “real” files there, because soon government will censor this site and you will loose your files.

Hetzner offers 500 GB Nextcloud (they call it Storageshare now) for 5€ (~6$). With Cryptomator (or NX E2EE) is the cheapest good cloud storage.

Keybase offers 250GB with E2EE for free (though it’s still in beta).

No need to use Mega :wink: