Mautrix-WhatsApp bridge on VPS

I don’t use WhatsApp yet most family and friends do. I’m trying to think of a way to mitigate this harm. Does anyone have experience with the Matrix-WhatsApp bridge ( WhatsApp makes it a real pain to use without the phone app. I believe it can be installed in Android Studio or Anbox, so I was thinking of trying to put that on a VPS, perhaps through Tor, then interfacing with that through a local install of Matrix. How feasible is this? The people I’m thinking of doing this for only use WhatsApp as an SMS replacement.


you are probbaly better off with installing whatsapp locally in a container like shelter.

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I was also trying to setup this bridge, but wasn’t very successful. If you manage to set it up please notify me.

I take your point. I guess if I pipe it through Tor or a VPN, since I’m not sure if they’ll even accept users over Tor, it’s probably better to put it on my NAS. Still trying to figure out if it’s feasible to set up so that not very tech literate people can use it through Matrix without killing me. If it works, I could get rid of Google Play Services from their phones, so it would be an improvement on two fronts.

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I have understood that Facebook WhatsApp is very unhappy with third party clients and will ban you on detection and I have heard something about threatening to sue people running them and my advice would be just leaving.

I removed my account on Tuesday letting everyone I was in active contact with know that I would be leaving (after I read Ten Arguments for Deleting All Your Social Media accounts) soon and I left after I met my grandmother who was the only family member I wasn’t sure would install Wire without help and now I have almost all my family in Wire.

My group of friends that was using Facebook is divided between WhatsApp and Wire and they said that they would be in contact by SMS. I was also pleasantly surprirsed to find one on Signal.

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The people with whom I’m close have been mostly willing to use Signal or XMPP. However, as far as I know, their networks still primarily reside on WhatsApp, so that is their primary messaging application. I don’t think any of them have uninstalled it.

Yes. That is why the bridge emulates the webapp, meaning that it is a slave to the phone. So it is necessary to install the phone app somewhere. I was hoping to find a way to move it off their phones (where it likely harvests whatever it can access), onto something better sandboxed.

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