Matrix server(s) status?

Hi admins,
what’s the status of the Matrix servers? I see a bunch of new entries showing up in the status page. I don’t find any info about changes to the service on the blog or here and there seems to have been interruptions since 1/1. Any insights on what’s going on?

Are you referring to ?

[Edit] It does indeed look like something may be wrong, I am seeing this on the sign in page:

Cannot reach identity server
You can log in, but some features will be unavailable until the identity server is back online. If you keep seeing this warning, check your configuration or contact a server admin.

[Edit2] Tried to register and when I went to validate my email I got this:

503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

It have been down for 5 days

I’ll ping Jonah on Matrix and see if he sees the message.

I still haven’t seen an announcement. Are things now resolved and expected to be stable? 2 days without issues, so far.

Maby they shut it down because people were fighting? Btw were did the toxic matrix server post went?

It was closed because the things that users pointed out there were already discussed multiple times elsewhere and all the presented information wasn’t exactly precise.

Please don’t bring that discussion here, or else it’ll be moderated.