Mate translation

i found something called “mate translation” & from my first look their translate is good so i wanna to know if they respect privacy or no

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I’ll have to try that out and get back to you. Let me look at their privacy policy too (it’s thanks to this forum I’ve gotten better at that!). If only privacy policies weren’t so boring to read, I think more people would read them.

I can’t help you on this, mate…

But thanks for letting us know about the extension. It sure looks nice. I have installed it under Vivaldi, and will be testing it soon.

Edit : Google Translate seems better.

yeah, its google, lol

okay i will wait you buddy

What do you mean, it’s Google ?

:sweat: for “two people” in “Vienna, Vienna 1020 Austria” (bottom of front page) they sure seem to be catering to Amoricans (ref: initial paragraph citing “US privacy law and information security”, then latter ref to COPPA and CAN-SPAM… Their company homepage: gives little to no information about the company nor anything really, just links to more apps elsewhere.

ummm, and no GDPR reference for all the homies? not even a good reference to “Austrian Privacy and Data Protection” law? certainly since they are Austrian business (by address/imprint) at least that much would be good to include, at least a statement about, eh?

and their “online reseller”/“payment processor” Paddle, which iaw Mate-translate policy “provides (response to??) all customer service inquiries and handles returns” as well. (btw, why is paddle address listed Californica on front page but all reference in about is UK? fwiw paddle privacy policy sucks

and… basically Mate translate privacy policy sucks!

and…just to belabor that point:

if you make account or make any purchase (like “Pro” version) from them all privacy dissipates instantly as I see it for the remaining 98% of their privacy policy. also, do read FAQ #1 if considering purchase app, sign up in OS (Mac or iOS) *and then sign in browser with same account required? wtf…

there is also issue with the app itself, it does not need phone state permissions! ref:

then there is this, assuming by “visit” their app they instead mean “use” app, but still it sucks:

What personal information do we collect from the people that visit our blog, website or app?

When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name, email address or other details to help you with your experience. If you haven’t created an account, we only collect anonymous telemetry data using Google Analytics which helps us to improve the product. It doesn’t include any PII. At the first launch of each of our apps you’re asked if you agree with our Privacy Policy, if you don’t give a consent, telemetry data won’t be gathered, either.

semi-reassuring, at best, that if you do not consent telemetry won’t be gathered. but…will it work without accept privacy policy??! lol…and as seen in exodus privacy report they include both google analytics and firebase analytics, the latter of which is based on unique ID (although this required ID field can be set to null, have they? I’ll assume they haven’t set to null based on the full read of their privacy policy, why would they?..

anyway, what the remainder of the policy discloses is full of 3rd party admissions with total resolve of any wrong-doing by Mate-translate pushed to 3rd party (and that 3rd party privacy policy). pffft, take responsibility to ensure 3rd parties honor assurances given to users, do not instruct users to go outside website to read other privacy policies.

Also, they need to define “Demographics and Interests Reporting” because the included goog ad policy link and that makes it clear to me what “Interests” are. Under Data collection and use google clarifies:

Note that there are separate policies for remarketing lists and personalized ads (formerly known as interest-based ads). If you use personalized ads, be sure to review the additional data collection policies that also apply to how you use personal information in advertising.

again, the entire Mate-translate privacy policy seems clear to me that 3rd party agreements are all over this service and they have little concern with vouchsafe those 3rd parties, instead push user to read the other privacy policies or OPT-OUT elsewhere:

Opting out:

Users can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ad Settings page. Alternatively, you can opt out by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative Opt Out page or by using the Google Analytics Opt Out Browser add on.

take responsibility for your chit Mate-translate, opt-out cookie (NAI) is stupid and telling me to install “yet another addon” to alternately control this undesired behavior in your app brings to mind words much more harsh than stupid.

and… their COPPA statement is unbelievably disturbing. they would do better to omit that completely as they apparently wrote a “statement”, eg: “We do not specifically market to children under the age of 13 years old.” then the next sentence: “Do we let third-parties, including ad networks or plug-ins collect PII from children under 13?” huh?! wtf… are they asking me or simply (re)affirming to me that they have no clue (read no clue as no care nor concern) what the named and unnamed 3rd parties are doing? sloppy, at best, but it also confirms PII is involved (collected, recorded, used by them and others)

ending this with who is “Twopeople Software e.U.” as mentioned in TOU, is e.U European Union? if so, why lower case “e” in all references to the company?

I’ll end this nasty review with a big Why is their privacy policy so different for Mate translate than here: where they at least address users outside US, and even cite GDPR this time:

The protection of your personal data (“PII”) is very important to us. The data are, therefore, processed exclusively based on the applicable statutory law provisions GDPR, DSAG TKG 2003). In this privacy policy we inform you about the most important aspects of the data processing within our website.

although I know not what the fvkk “DSAG TKG 2003” is, it doesn’t sound very current compared to GDPR going into effect last year?

ps. i did finally find an about for the “twopeople e.U.” here: after chasing link from their Netflix push:

Export saved vocab to Reji to practice spelling and pronunciation with spaced repetition on iOS. For free.

(disclaimer forgotten, that reji app is not free, nuff said, I’m done looking at this service.


The only Google product that does not have a better alternative, honestly (and unfortunately). Just don’t sign in.

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google its best in their products (except privacy, lol)

in this case, as anonpus stated, google translate is better and privacy can be maintained using it smartly. Saying, it works great in Tor browser, safest security setting, NS temp permission given to only

I would not use google translate from a browser that you’ve signed in to though, and have also isolated google to it’s own opened tab instance, especially not in chrome/chromium lol

looking back at my big mess post I would even say I trust goog translate more than I do this Mate translate when I can isolate google from my real info (eg. tor browser, or containers in FF). Because I know google is evil, the do little to obfuscate this fact. The twopeople e.U. seem to want to hide on this website, but on reki they look like two wholesome cleancut white boys just trying to eek out a living.

These two young fellas are not doing this to be the “rosetta stone” for planet earth, they are doing it to make money - and you don’t make money giving work away for free… and this is reflected in how this privacy policy is so poorly done, even compared to their other venture with reji.

as I see it, If you don’t make Mate account and pay for service then you pay with info, personal info in a 3rd party tracker laden environment, guaranteed (disclosed or not). You become the product that they trade for the filthy lucre (profit) that feeds family, puts shoes on the kids and pays the bills, etc… If you do make account and pay for something then they have verified accurate info and just push the entire thing over to Paddle to manage and deal with (if I read that correctly “provides (response to??) all customer service inquiries and handles returns” but really do not assure me anywhere they respect me and my info is handled with the utmost care and concern for security and privacy reasons.

There is a real reason google is soooooo big and sooo godamm good at everything they toss a few million dollars at. they are borg, hidden in plain sight for over a decade. Alphabet is a soup, and they have sucked up or suckered in every small tech they wanted to call their own- often just absorbing, if not burying, it completely.

Does Mate use Google Translate ?

I’m asking the question because, looking at uMatrix while using Mate, I saw a Google Translate API domain. So I assumed Mate actually relied on Google’s service.

But the translations I got with Mate, then with Google Translate, were different. So which is it ?

yeah i noticed its like google translate thats why iam worried & asked before buy the pro version

Use DeepL, its really good when it comes to translating. The downside is, not many languages are supported.

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This recommendation is often made. Unfortunately, the paid-for version is expensive, but the free version is perfectly workable (with a length limit similar to Google’s).

DeepL seems to be well-behaved on privacy grounds. (No promises here : that’s just from their claims.)

Deepl not good when it comes to English > Arabic (my language) :3