Many privacytoolsIO systems down for over a day now

Is there a way to find out when the PrivacyTools systems will come back up? They have been down for over a day now.

You can always follow the situation using the status page :

Thanks. Too bad there is no estimate for when things are expected to come back up.

You can also follow issues in github.

This comment from the PTIO Team says there are “some large scale organisational problems”:

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Looks like this forum’s Tor onion service is online but not functioning properly. Currently I see a “Welcome to nginx!” message asking the administrator to configure the server.

The main PrivacyTools website’s onion service still works for me though.

hmm i wanted to send an alternative option to keep in mind to the online ppl with a tutanota account but it seems tutanota doesn’t with:
-Ungoogled Chome
-Any Mozilla code base under version 56 (2017-ish)

and i didn’t feel like using any of my other email address for it so i’ll just put it here:

if for whatever reason no one wants to maintain a matrix server anymore; XMPP is always for you !! it’s not really popular though. I imagine running a website you may want to make it as accessible to as many people as possible… so idk. But just on a technical level; XMPP is always an option

i don’t really care too much if that ever gets to any of the staff or not lols. ya i mostly just use the forums here, and sometimes the searx and encrypted pastebin . meh