Making Own Computer Tor Relay, BUT.. only allowing my localhost to access the relay running locally?


I thought I would ask because what I’m trying to achieve is having my own localhost the first relay in the tor “chain”, if you will and also with my localhost being the actual exit node when data is flowing back my way :smiley: BUT allowing only my localhost to use my localhost tor relay (1st node & exit)

I’m in a country where there are quite a few people running exit nodes and I can see by
ExitNodes {some_country_code}
StrictNodes 1

SOoo I shouldn’t see an assault team breaking in my door over this where I am :slight_smile: YAY, bonus - i know…

Soo I already have the tor service running (Tor Browser Bundle / aka the actual “Tor Service”) and I’m actually running some onion ssh services already.

So is it possible to configure my PC to be an entry node and an exit node, but only allow my own localhost to use it ?

Thanks so much !!

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