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Hello, i’m using brave and cookie autodelete, decentraleyes, disconnect, i don’t care about cookies, infinity new tab, privacy badger, ublock origin. I have the feeling the pages could be open faster. Do you know if having these addon’s could make the navigation slower? If it is the case, do you know how can i make my navigation faster?

Also, are my addons all necessary? I don’t really see the point of privacy badger and decentraleyes.
Also, do you think i need more plugins?

For internet connection i have fiber.

Thanks in advance

yeps they CAN slow down the loading speed. if your PC is low on RAM then its a good idea to keep in mind also, that the addons take up a chunk of RAM as well.

If I’m on a web browser capable of rendering JS then I normally have the following addons and nothing more:

  • addon to enable/disable JS preferably on a per-site basis
  • addon to block canvas
  • addon to block cookies preferable on a per-site basis
  • addon to disable 3rd party images, 3rd party css, 3rd party JS, 3rd party objects
  • addon to force HTTPS all the time over HTTP

One thing I noticed though is if you import a massive hosts file with known advertising/spying URLs (like one at least 300KB or more) all set to or, I noticed pages loading MUCH MUCH faster after importing that

In my experience blocking ad links (firewall, hosts file, blocking 3rd party stuff) can significantly speed up browsing.

There is normally a lot of poo in websites that is useless spyware that no one needs lols.

if you want the ULTIMATE in performance , AND not having websites probe what software you have installed on your PC (lulz): Links browser supports cookies and proxy (tor too), but no JS or videos :expressionless:

i guess brave is webkit…hm… ya if you cant find good addons other than what’s installed already, then i personally have this as one of the entries in my hosts file:

People should teach kids in school to “just say ‘No’” to google. “Google madam ?” , “Oh…no thank you”…

hehehe, however if you route through Tor, it will bypass your hosts file and firewall since its made to be resistant like that lol

i personally don’t use it just because I don’t need to and it’s a performance hit, but… i’m not on webkit either normally, other than for RAM usage ; i don’t see anything wrong with that Matrix addon that lets you control stuff. I think ublock origin is kinda like it ? I think those two alone will give you the control u need over webpages :smiley:

It’s good blocking canvas too thoo…

fun fact; what’s webkit based off ? KHTML :smiley: I use console browsers and mozilla-based poo tho -_-

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massive thank you for your answer :slight_smile: