Make money anonymously?

If I run a website and want to sell services or have donations how can I make money anonymously?

From what I understand the best way is through some cryptocurrency, but still how would I transfer that to my actual bank accounts.

Any resources out there I can read or use? I live in the US for reference.

What do you mean by “anonymously”?

If you don’t want to be identified by the people who pay for your services, only providing a cryptocurrency address for payments may be sufficient. However, there may be some legal requirements in your country that require you to publish your identity (e.g., consumer protection).

If you don’t want to be identified by authorities, cryptocurrencies may not fit your purpose since they are traceable by design. Furthermore, this might be illegal in your country (money laundering).

I don’t think that is a general rule. For examples, Monero (XMR) claims it is not traceable, and GNU Taler is intended to be anonymous for individuals, but not anonymous for vendors or businesses.

It depends on your skillet, btw everything @infosechandbook told you is definitely stuff to keep in mind.
I can sympathize with you desire to be as private as possible however you will run into many roadblocks.
Even leaving the legal component out. One mistake might be the one to de-anonymize you towards your customers, targeted spear fishing or one of the other million ways this will be a hard life to live.

Perhaps you could provide more context.

Your income needs to be seen by your government in a transparent manner so that they can tax you accordingly.

It sucks for privacy and you have my sympathy but what you are asking for is, potentially, tax evasion.