MailFence should be removed from the list

MailFence has very unstable account creation.
Sometimes you will not receive a confirmation email.
You may get an unspecified error when creating your account. Unfriendly.

For this reason, I think it is not practical.

Not sure that one user having an issue constitutes a reason to remove a service that many people have had no problems with. I used MailFence for over a year and had no issues like this.


Besides, this is a functionability issue that does not affect users’ privacy.

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  1. i not have this issue
  2. well, admins/mods/idk-what-i-call-'em here add services from privacy part not function part so go ahead and talk with mailfence support

Curious to know, did you send the invite code to a google address? Gmail is known to drop emails silently (ie skip junk folder).