Mailclient for iOS

Hi everyone!
I’m pretty new to the privacy world, so i read all recomendations at privacytools. For iOS there is only canary mail listed. I searched the AppStore and found
For my eyes it looks pretty good. Open Source, privacy, encryption and as far as i can tell its based in swiss (or at least the foundation (?)). I coulnd`t find anything to worry about in the privacy policy but im new, so i’m not sure about the App. I mean its not in the recomendations.

Is there anyone who can help me? Is it better than canary? Does anyone know why it fellt short on the privacytools recomendations?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry english is not my first language.

Seems good to me you should open up a issue in privacytools github to add this in the website and i don’t think it’s based in swiss play store says it’s based in luxembourg

Thanks! Much appreciate your help. The Swiss part was from their Website:

“A Swiss foundation owns all the open source code and receives part of the proceeds from our commercial business. […] We have offices in Luxembourg and in Switzerland. […]” and linked to

Okay I will get a github Account - could you provide the link where i ask them to put it on their website?

Here you go!

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