Looking to acquire trustworthy RNG?

As I distrust what might have been accomplished by Intel, (AMD I do not know about, but, it is still about the money) in terms of RNG.

How is the best way to accomplish RNG in Tandem with generating Encryption Keys.

I realize their are several USB connected devices for this. Which do we trust, and why?

Random number generator?

Good question.

If one is creating encryption keys, a RNG is used to make sure the one I have is unique.

Much of what is done today is accomplished ‘under the hood’ For when I created Encryption Keys it was accomplished by the Intel main processor RNG. I think there is a second Random Number is generated when I actually encrypt something.

There is no Evidence or Proof that Intel has compromised anything.

But being what I am. . .

I think you can build one yourself using empty radio static noise or something. I cant dabble to that kind of level of tinkering but I think you just need a Software Defined Radio to capture the noise then generate a number from that from the gathered data.

I thought this would do it.

Nitro products are open source. Not sure if the hardware designs are just as open. See if they are open hardware and if the product you want to use has a relevant audit on it.

You need to have an understanding of how the underlying randomization is done and if it is adequate enough for your security needs. Often times the RNG is actually pseudorandom or rather random enough to generate sufficient entropy for security purposes.

If you dont trust it, you can probably just make an RNG method good enough for you. The easiest is buying a casino grade dice and rolling the numbers yourself. Up to you how you want to convert the six numbers you get to various letters, numbers and punctuation. There must be some good resources out there to do this.

I guess I don’t quite get what an RNG does. Roll Dice 4096 times for the original key. Oh wait, the number of variables is the entire alphabet and single digit numbers.

OH you were only making a joke. Whew.

Your point of some use Pseudo Random in place of real Random is a good one.

We used to use Entropy boxes for encryption (move the mouse around inside a blank box). I am guessing if I researched that, it was decided it was not very reliable.

I am focused the one Nitro I want costs over a hundred Euros, instead of the lesser ones.

Also, since places like Amazon have been known to sell counterfeit goods. If I ordered directly for Germany, it would go through several power groups borders. I might be better off trying to find a bit of software not associated with the Intel processor. I might be better off buying one from Librem, I am inside US.

Someone might know of another USB plug in that does what the Nitro Key does.

In the end, I probably am looking at my poverty defining my choice(s) for me.

I had thought someone might come along and say, “Really good Crypto people trust the Intel RNG because . . . .” I think the procedure is not to trust.

Of course, If I am sending encrypted emails to the US government agencies. I should go ahead and use the Inte RNG. That is convoluted thinking. But that is not where I was thinking of sending emails.