Looking for Guest Writers or Suggestions

Good morning, fellow privacy advocates! I recently started a site called DarkRebel News with a business partner, and we’re looking for either guest writers who are experts in privacy tools like Tor or just suggestions for new articles. (Right now he and I are the only writers on the site!)

We haven’t made a whole lot of money yet, so we’re not in the “pay-per-article” stage, but I think as we get more views and subscribers, we will be able to do that eventually. Would anyone like to suggest topics or contribute an article? Please let me know.

Here’s an example of one article: SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack

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I think many people could use information on how to use search engines or what terms to put into them, but I am not sure on settings being able to affect that much especially in cases like Google.

Especially if you manage to explain the terms also for not-so-technical users and also explain the search operators like “term” +term -term etc. which I think people have difficulties remembering.

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I would add these even if Hansen doesn’t name them, because dirmngr may already be running and sending traffic through Tor can be more private.

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Oh, thank you! I still sometimes edit the articles after they’re published. @jonah As for the Write For Us terms, I could consult with my business partner and we could change them (he’s doing the financials and I do most of the writing.) I like the flexibility of this!

Would you mind if I shared some posts from the Privacy Tools blog? I will credit the authors, of course. (I’m good about that, as well as citing my sources - I paid attention in college…sometimes! :rofl:)

I just changed our privacy policy. :rofl: We now allow resharing and non-original posts. You just have to credit the author and source of the original. I’m not a lawyer, but I assume this is OK?

Which posts in particular? You would have to ask the individual authors of each post, we (the team) don’t have any Copyright rights to any posts on write.privacytools.io.


I was considering asking @blacklight447 - actually, I did ask him, but I haven’t heard back yet! :rofl:

@12bytes.org - I like some of the articles on your site. Would you be alright with having them re-shared on my site, as long as I give you credit and link back to the original? I have a few guest posts already.

You won’t be able to reach the user. He hasn’t appeared after the outburst.

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Oh, I must’ve missed that. Well, the same applies to anyone else here who’s a blogger/writer. What I sometimes do is share a short excerpt of an article and then link back to the original.

I talked to him outside of the forum - no worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mikaela Suomalainen
Why give Google help in assimilating more humans? What about articles on safely using search engines. Google, IMO, is no longer a search engine, rather it’s a Stalker that operates the world’s largest popularity contest providing results based on the users location, stolen and pimped User Profile (SPUP), and who paid the most to be shoved in your face.

Better yet, articles on surfing the information highway - not Googles catalog of the most popular (amount paid) winning web sites.

Personally, I would like to see articles that when it comes to privacy, promote unity between nations - that is, it’s not all based on what is happening in the U.S. but the whole world; how Google affects everyone, not just 'mericans.
I’d guesstimate that 99.01% of the content at privacytools.io FORUM is U.S. interests (cynically speaking of course).

Example: Norton sells it’s wares around the world, but we only see/hear about what Norton is doing in america, rarely do we see what Europe or Australia for example, make Anti-AV companies adhere to within each nations borders.

Europe is getting a firm grip on Facebook while the U.S. is still 20 years behind and paying simple lip service every election year to the issue of our butchered privacy.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas - but what is said, seen, and done on the Internet stays with Google and minions even after it’s sold over and over again.