Looking for download manager

I’ve been using Internet Download Manager for a while but since it’s closed-source, I’m looking for open-source alternatives. Some alternatives I know are JDownloader, uGet and Xtreme Download Manager. If anyone has experience with these, I’d like to hear from you. If you have other suggestions, feel free to share it too. Thank you.

iam using “UGET” on my linux & its working good for me & i guess its open source
~iam not like a pro with download managers i just grab link & add it so not know how queue works or anytihng so yeah but all i can say uget is fine with me & other names not sure about them (never tried them)

Just install uGet. It is working well but the UI is a bit complicated. Anyway, I think it’s good enough for me. Thank you.

Hmm, haven’t heard of aria2 before. I will have a look at it. Thanks!

i use both uGet and xdman, although I used uGet on windows too IDM wasn’t easy to replace when migrating to linux but for my uses uget and xdman are more than sufficient.

note: uGet does have plugin for use curl and/or aria2, check settings to enable.

also worth mention xdman does have proxy support, has proven to be leakproof during my watch and use both over tor and other socks proxy(s), and is the one i prefer for browser integration overall (I run uGet from systray and have set jobs for it throughout the day)