Loki thoughts?

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In theory it sounds good, if you want to run a node, you need to stake Loki, which is 10,000 Loki currently valued at $3800 (0.38/LOKI). Rather expensive.

But the idea is fine. I think this is a wait and see project.

I am interested in their private messenger Session


Private Messenger

Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that removes sensitive metadata collection, and is designed for people who want privacy and freedom from any forms of surveillance.

The only potential issue I saw was that messages are sent to all nodes and temporarily stored on a node

When a Service Nodes receives a unique message destined for its swarm, it must distribute that message to the other eight nodes in the swarm. All nodes are additionally required to store messages for their allocated Time-to-live (TTL). When Bob comes online, he can query any two nodes in his swarm for messages he can decrypt. Offline messaging is protected from spamming with a small proof-of-work that is attached to each message.

Also it is unclear whether we need to pay with LOKI to send messages.

as they saying its encrypted so node storing thing i not see it as problem or what you say ?

Too early to know, but unless someone goes through their code, we won’t know how secure the node software encryption really is, and whether or not there is an avenue of attack.

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i mean it end to end so its good ? like they used already made one from signal (or somewhere else) to it should be strong. E2E is same in all right ?

I test it yesterday and text messages take a lot to be sent (for being plain text) and audios and images do not even send. Still it hasn’t reach stable release yet.

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Probably because almost nobody is running a full node. Who is willing to shell out $3800 to run a node on an obscure blockchain project? Mmmmm.

I still think BCM Messenger is better.

thanks for testing!

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I have also tried BCM a bit more and although it sends audio and images sometimes it fails to send them, or you receive them after a while, and at least on my phone there’s a bug with the keyboard in where I don’t see a part of the writing box. But yeah, it works better than Session. I don’t think it works on blockchain tho.

The Blockchain component is 1) the built in wallet which you can use if you want and 2) the hash for the userID

For me, speed isn’t really important. I can wait some minutes to receive a message. I’m old fashioned in that way haha. As long as it is secure, that’s my main concern, and it seems to be.

Try another keyboard app, like Simple Keyboard on Fdroid

I don’t care about the walled tbh, I prefer a different software for each thing, but yeah.

For me it isn’t super important, but I’m trying to communicate with normie people and it’s hard to make them transition if the product don’t work like a regular IM. I wish I had more techie friends, but I don’t.

I tried Simple Keyboard and it works horrible on my phone, it is super big and occupies a lot of my screen. This is a problem of my phone tho, no problem with the app.

I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks. Restored my account with the private key, no problem. Messages sent, phone call made, all seems to work well.

Do you know if it needs G services to work? Like push notifications? Because I have them disabled and this has cause problems with a lot of other IMs.

Nope, not necessary. I use Mokee ROM, no GAPPS. Works fine.

Do you use something like MicroG? Mmm, maybe it could be my phone then, it’s on its last days.

No microG either

Forked, inspecting the code, although I have very little time for it.
Will update you, but I like the concept so far.