Logic patterns & Building a privacy setup

Hello there,

This will be maybe a too long post, but i need some real advice about protecting myself against growthhacking tools, fingerprinting and government mass surveillance.

As we have discuss before about being protected from fingerprinting, we have finally agreed on the fact that it’s a pretty difficult exercise on day to day basis and even more in long term thinking.

So I’ve finally concluded that, to protect yourself from ads, government, score tool, etc. It’s better to split activities between different online identities.

Legal & normal patterns buying stuff :

First, I need an online identity to buy things, getting delivered and it’s pretty much complicate to separate things. It would need a false credit card identity, box address etc… Pretty difficult to make and it can be expansive. So there is no point of doing that. Buying legal things is a normal pattern. You can’t be blame now or in the future for that, right ? So i can use my real identity to do that and also to manage all administrative related stuff. As i don’t especially use a social network (except Discord).

What i need to protect there, is my private phone number from harassment by different companies (or ads). I’m asking myself about the better way to do it, maybe i could buy a number somewhere where i can’t receive calls but only text message ? If you have any ideas, they will be welcomed.

Phone Communications patterns :

I would like to secure my calls and my private message to be read by anyone except from the receiver, even if the receiver doesn’t use any secure related stuff. Is it possible to do that for both ? And how ?

Also, i would like being able to contact some services or companies without getting a number connected to my real identity is and change my number as many times as i want to, is it possible ?

To finish on that point, what do you think of this ? Nextcloud Talk: Private communication, anywhere – Nextcloud Could it be a good solution to my questions ?

Could i and do i need to build another identity around those points ?

Browsing pattern :

To look at some videos on differents services (youtube, twitch, straming website etc…), more general browsing and communicate with some people (Discord). I think i need another identity detached from the above patterns as i don’t want to them to be related.

Solutions & Setup :

So, from the above points, what do i need and how i can achieve it ?

I was thinking about buying a dedicated VPS server for setting up a VPN on it and use it for browsing, with dedicated accounts, mail address that i will use and access only from there.
But how could buy it without revealing my real identity ? That way i don’t have to worry about logs.

Also, how could i make my TV use this VPN and never using my home route exit ?

What do you think ? Could it be a good way to protect itself from growthhacking, fingerprinting and government mass surveillance ?

I am in the right way of thinking to achieve my goals ?

If you don’t have all answers but can advise me on specifics ones you’re welcome. I think there are enough people around there to cover pretty much everything.

Thanks for your time,


Freezy ?

You can just disable js but it will brake so many sites

Is still PTIO a good place to ask for help or do i have to just find another place to get answers to my questions ? Just asking.

oh if you’re not using discord for gaming support, its good to keep Mumble as an alternative option as a consideration :slight_smile:

i tend to look the same in server logs all the time, but I do something similar with GPG keys, like if I post a public key here, then if I were to email a journalist or apply for a job online, then I would use a different GPG public key set

ever notice how discord updates like every week ? hm… i wonder which company it is that does that … (>.>)

one thing i love is P2P or self-hosted programs , i mean there isnt a P2P app for everything , BUT if one is available then it doesnt hurt to check that out either. Ya i’m done shilling for P2P now… anyway ya… there’s options :smiley:

You can also come to pto element and techlores room

Of course. Actually the point of my post is to find a how you could concil fingerprinting and avoid it without letting tracks on your path. Because there is no privacy if you a SPOF or patterns that comprise your own identity.

That’s why i’m looking into it that way, seeking for answers.

Where is that ? @A_user