Lobsters – a computing-focused community


https://lobste.rs/chat you can observe chat,

… a technology-focused link aggregation site. …

– I joined around five days ago, I see a focus on technology.

The name meant nothing to me, I found an article in The Guardian.

I also thought it this would be a Jordon Peterson focused computing community. :laughing:


I’m so not with it, daddy-o.

Only because I wondered about the spelling –

– Jordan or Jordon – I reused Google and soon found this:

Lobsters offended, they think that JP is “misrepresented”.

– with the subreddit-wide sidebar picture of the crayfish.


Linked from the sidebar, The anti–Jordan Peterson subreddit r/enoughpetersonspam is my favorite place to waste time. and:

… (Peterson infamously uses the first chapter of his book to defend hierarchies in society by describing the highly stratified way lobsters reproduce. The humble crayfish is the group’s cheeky reply to that dubious argument.) …

Et cetera. I’m with it, now. Oh my giddy aunt.

Hey Graham, I know it’s kind of unrelated to the topic but are your thoughts on lobste.rs? From a privacy standpoint is clearly a really shitty forum (“You are on the internet, you have no privacy hurr durr xDXDDDD!!11!”), but what about the content? Is it full of nazis, alt-righters, etc? I’m asking since the lobster is the icon of Jordan Peterson.

Lobsters is awful for more than just privacy reasons. That awful eye-burning layout.

Are we looking at the same site?

For context: I prefer night mode.

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OK, Dark Reader is effective.