Linux sleeping with Microsoft?

Microsoft Teams for Linux client: It’s happening

Microsoft is working on a Teams client for Linux, officials have confirmed, but still no word on when it will arrive.
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So said the sNews of the day just over a year ago. I smell a rat.

Every smart company has a 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 year fluid business plans. I do NOT trust Microsoft any more than I trust Facebook, Google, Trump, or the Tooth Fairy… for damned good reasons. Why did they buy GitHub, Hotmail, and many others?

IMHO M$ sneak in as ‘partners’, beat the new family member into submission, chain them into a closet, and gradually assimilate the victims family and friends into the M$ Collective - resistance is/was will be futile. It is easier to quit heroin, cocaine, sex, eating, or breathing than run and/or hide from Microsoft.

Microsoft = Stalk. Monitor. Record. Control.

R.I.P. Github.


Microsoft purchased github?

This is like a nuclear bomb to the privacy realm

Shouldnt we move all the fdroid and other project source codes away from there?

The purchase happened a while a go. A significant amount of projects left github after the purchase. However, most of the projects I follow/contribute to stayed on github.

Yes - over a year ago, and I thought it’s time to revisit the takeover - is my reason for the post and thanks for your update.

I still wonder, if I smell a rat or my GPU is over-heating. My trusting Microsoft is like trusting the tooth fairy or any politician.
The takeover of GH sounded like a klaxon on a submarine but instead of dive - dive - dive, it’s hide - run - hide.

Now I trust M$Gh as much as I trust privacy in the hands of Facebook.

But back on topic, do you think the GH site/system has improved, stayed the same or worsened, since the takeover? Do you think it was a good deal for the end user/devs?

How easy will it be for Microsoft to ‘addon’ to almost all scripts any Stalkers like they did with Win 10?


imo , horrible for users. a microsoft backdoor.

privacy-friendly alternatives to github anyone?

I’ve seen some projects use GitLab; not too many of the ones I follow. One big one is GNOME. It’s pretty decent from a user perspective IMO.

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I think the best options are self-hosted Gitea or Gitlab. itself is hosted on Google Cloud Platform resulting partially to same issues as GitHub has especially with trade restrictions.

If you aren’t interested in selfhosting, there are services like:

Somehow all of these are Gitea instances.