Linus Tech Tips interviews PIA VPN provider after merge with Kape tecnologies

Links to the video:

In my opinion they were dodging bullets a lot of the time, going over and over around the same idea that it’s not going to affect how they work (while it may not be true), they were in a really bad position in a lot of senses and I even feel like they kinda lied a bit (for example stating over and over that they are “the most transparent company out there” whereas IMO this is not even remotely close); they are in damage control now and they don’t know how to get out of there.

All in all I feel like Linus was kind of cold with them and he didn’t expand a lot when they answered but at the same time they were so elusive that there wasn’t a lot to say.

What are your thoughts? Are you currently using them? Do you still trust them in terms of security and privacy?
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