LineageOS bulid for Galaxy S20

Is it possible to bulid a lineageOS for my Galaxe S20?

There is an unofficial support, meaning it has bugs and maybe limited functionality. This was posted last Feb 2021.

Thank you for answering, But is there anyway to check if it has any kind of malware or not?

As far as I know, you have to trust the device maintainer. If the maintainer is a known good/competent, it pushes more on the “probably safe” side. You could also compare the checksum of the file you downloaded and the one on the forum to see if one was tampered with.

All in all, if you are paranoid enough, you should probably do a manual build and compile it yourself. Sadly since I dont know that much about manual builds, I just rely on the official lineage OS site to see if the device compatibility has matured enough for daily use.

The devices section also shows the name of the XDA forum maintainers of the device. If the maintainer of the Galaxy s20 model in the XDA forum is one of the maintainers in the official lineage OS device list, you probably should be good to go, albeit with all the warnings and caveats of the build (camera not working, LTE not working, etc) as stated on the original post on the forums.

The build seems to be a brilliant idea, Thanks man!