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There seem to be some limits to the WriteFreely instance, like max number of pictures and links in one post. Would it be possible to scratch those limits?

I keep running into this issue. All I get is a “failed to submit post, please try again” error.
I then have to split up my articles, but that can mean tons of links in the article or elsewhere on the web no longer work. It’s a pain to update all links in the article, but on some other places it’s not even possible.

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@jonah do you think you could help me out here?

So far I found out that write freely say that this is not a built in limitation on their end, but must be an error here.

This is what I get in the developer tools:


code: 500

error_msg: This is an unhelpful error message for a miscellaneous internal error.|

Response payload

1 {“code”:500,“error_msg”:“This is an unhelpful error message for a miscellaneous internal error.”}

Could someone please look into this? I’d really like to start working on my blogs again after almost 3 months…

PS: I just realized that you can link to a section of the post simply with [Chapter](#Chapter) instead of [Chapter](https://url#Chapter).
I removed all unnecessary urls and now the longer version of the post can be saved. So it seems to simply be a limit of https urls.

I’d still like this to be fixed, as I’ll probably still reach the limit at one time (e.g. I now have 196 instead of 306 times https:// in one post that couldn’t be saved before).

I opened an issue at GItHub as I have been opening service issues there, but I cannot give promises on when @jonah might look into this.

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