'Lightway': A new VPN protocol developed by ExpressVPN

Lightway, a new VPN protocol developed by the engineers of ExpressVPN, integrates wolfSSL, a form of cryptography that has even surpassed the standards of FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard).

Lightway is faster, more efficient and secure than other VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2.
Like WireGuard, it uses significantly less lines of code and is seamless when your smartphone automatically switches between Wi-Fi and mobile data, and has faster speeds.

As of typing this post, Lightway is currently only available for Android as a beta tester, but will be available for all other platforms. Becoming a beta tester is easy.

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Hey,I had tried lightway protocol for about a month now,it seems there is a lot of bad advertising on Lightway Protocol.I had downloaded the ExpressVPN beta for Google Play Store.I was very excited to test it on that day,before testing a take a benchmark speed at speedtest.net

As I’m based in India my speed was a bit slow from other countries.

Speed Without VPN-98 Mbps

Speed when connected to UDP-72 Mbps
On Lightway Protocol-82 Mbps

After it I turned on Advanced Settings Option
Lightway Protocol-AES-82 Mbps
Lightway Protocol-Chacha20-76 Mbps

In terms of speed Lightway Protocol is not the best if we compare to its competitors protocols like Wire guard.

Wire guard SpeedTest(Through Nordlynx).NordVPN had already rolled out Wire guard Protocol which is named Nordlynx.In NordLynx wire guard logging problem had also solved through NordVPN NAT infrastructure.

Speed on Wireguard(Nordlynx) - 106 Mbps
Speed on OpenVPN(NordVPN) - 108 Mbps.

It’s clear that Lightway don’t stand in any way in front of Wire guard why aren’t you are adopting Wire guard instead of creating new protocol.

If we even test the battery usage NordVPN uses much less battery than ExpressVPN,even it uses more less storage and ram space.I had found that sometimes Expressvpn kill switch don’t works.But when I tried NordVPN through its 7 days trial I haven’t faced any such issues.

I’m a Expressvpn user,so it’s hard to see that another vpn provider is defeating your own vpn provider.Please improve your service Expressvpn.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN both engage in deceptive marketing.
ExpressVPN is just more clever and sophisticated about it.
NordVPN is more like the “popular dumb blonde” of the VPN industry, they don’t even try to cover up their deceptiveness. And their quality of service is horrible in my experiences using their service. Their engineers half-ass their apps, servers (VanillaOS), ETC.